Deadline: September 30, 2018

Best for: Early Stage Start Ups

Duration: 3 Months

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global mentoring program

Launcher Mentoring is a three months long mentoring program for early stage start up entrepreneurs. This is a fee based program, which connects you to mentors from across the globe who are matched to you based on your challenges and requirement. Innovitas assists you through the mentoring program by reviewing your development to understand your subsequent requirements to get your on a growth trajectory.

What does the program offer?


The program matches you and help you work with a mentor for three months to help you with your very specific challenges you face in your domain and start up. Our carefully managed matching process ensure that you work with the most relevant mentors that you need at different phase of your start up development. Our team also work with you to review your requirements and help you with business services and strategy advisory.


Innovitas Start-Up Ready Toolkit helps you assess your initial entrepreneurial stages and effectively develop, validate and convert your idea in to a business plan. Our mentors work along with you in aiding you develop a comprehensive action plan using our toolkit which results in you becoming MVP ready.


As part of the program, your will join the Innovitas - Startup Yellow Pages community where you can connect and interact with many start ups and founders from across the world. Access to Innovitas network also helps you find suitable partner, service provider and support system to help you build your product and take it out to the market.


1Where the program is held?
Launcher Mentoring is a virtual program open for early stage start ups all over the world.
2How the mentor matching process works?
Based on your application and specific requirements we match you with the mentor, who come from business, professional or academic background. They are typically someone who have had experience with working on something very similar to what you would want them to help you with.
3What is the program format?
The program is a remote mentoring program where participants are matched with relevant mentors for a period of 3 months who help them resolve their pertinent challenges. Over 3 months a total of 9 - 12 hours of mentor interaction takes place over the phone or skype as per the preference of mentor and mentee.
4How mentor & mentee interact?
The mentor and mentee can connect over phone, skype or mail for their interaction sessions. In case mentor and mentee happen to be in the same city they can chose to meet face to face.
5What is the program fee?
The cost for accepted startups is a one time fixed fee of £150 for the program at the time of registration.


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